Handmade with love & good vibes

We specialize in handmade products ranging from handcrafted coconut wax crystal intention candles to bath & body products, crystals, & apothecary items.

We believe that it is not just a good product but the energy and positive intention is what makes these products truly magickal & speak for themselves.

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Athena Devine | Founder | Crystal Healer & Artisan Candle Creator 

 Welcome to Devine Flame, a sanctuary where my childhood fascination with the spiritual and metaphysical world blossoms into a passion for natural healing and artisan candle making. I'm Athena, the founder, and the force behind this venture. As of now it is just me here at Devine Flame, though as I grow, I cannot wait to finally get to work with an amazing team. But for now, here's how it all started...

My journey began in the serene Snoqualmie Valley, where crystal hunting and a love for aromatherapy and herbalism sparked the creation of personalized gifts for friends and family. Adorning natural candles with Clear Quartz crystals and delicate spring flowers, I discovered the joy of crafting intentional candle combinations, blending my passions into a symphony of scents and energies.

At 18, I embraced my calling and founded Devine Flame to share this journey of healing and self-discovery. Our collection, hand-poured in Washington State includes coconut wax crystal infused intention candles, bath & body products, exquisite crystals, and apothecary items. Each is more than just a product; they are vessels of positive energy and reminders to keep working at your goals, to stay strong, and to listen to your gut, heart, and soul. (But yes, they're pretty and also smell fabulous.)

As a young woman navigating the entrepreneurial path, I've faced challenges and doubts, both internal and external. Phrases like "How's your little candle hobby?" or surprised remarks on my success highlighted the stigma around small businesses, especially those starting on platforms like Etsy. Yet, these challenges have become opportunities to grow, proving the might and potential of Devine Flame.

My commitment to infusing positive energy and intention into every creation is unwavering. Each handcrafted product carries a piece of my heart, making them truly magical and unique. They are tools for self-discovery, reminders of the power of intention, and the love infused into each creation.

To my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, I extend this message: embrace your fears, acknowledge your worth, and let your passion be your guide. Believe in the magic you create, and let that belief propel you towards success. In every batch I create at Devine Flame, you'll find not just ingredients, but a story of resilience, a commitment to healing and change, and an invitation to join me on this extraordinary journey of self-care and discovery.

Instagram: @thedevineflame

Product Features



High Quality

We specialize in natural premium quality ingredients that help you heal, expand, and raise your vibration

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High Vibe

We hand make all of our products with love, good vibes, & ethically sourced crystals in North Bend, WA



High Love

We're like you, we care about what goes into the products we use everyday. That's why all of our products are Vegan, Non-Toxic, & Natural