Handmade with love & good vibes

We specialize in handmade products ranging from handcrafted coconut wax crystal intention candles to bath & body products, crystals, & apothecary items.

We believe that it is not just a good product but the energy and positive intention is what makes these products truly magickal & speak for themselves.

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Athena Devine | Crystal Healer & Candle Maker | 22

Hi there! My name is Athena, I am the owner of Devine Flame, as well as our marketing manager, customer service manager, shipping manager, product development team, artist, and so on!

I am a one woman show, passionate about natural, organic, ethically sourced ingredients & materials.

My candle collections are hand-poured in small batches out of my little studio in North Bend, WA, using organic coconut wax that is free from parabens, phthalates, paraffins, and cruelty-free. Our crystal candles feature a crystal & corresponding herbs & flowers, with a cotton core wick and a combination of essential oils and perfume fragrances.

I created Devine Flame to begin a journey of healing.
Not only healing my self and those close to me but to spread the love as far as it may go. I've realized my calling is to create, to heal, & to help. My products combine crystal healing, aromatherapy, & herbalism, with intention. I've created these tools for you to use on your healing journey. Healing is not usually a straight path, but when you have something to remind you everyday of your goal, your goal will become clearer and your mind and body will begin to align to get you to that goal.

Similar to crystals, my intention products are only tools to help you on your journey.
(The products alone wont do much if your not also working along side it, kind of like having a car sitting in your driveway but never getting in and going!)

It is more about how you choose to use it that will make things happen.

Everything you see is handmade by me in small batches with love, care, & good vibes only.

Instagram: @thedevineflame


Product features


High Quality

We specialize in natural premium quality ingredients that help you heal, expand, and raise your vibration


High Vibe

We hand make all of our products with love, good vibes, & ethically sourced crystals in North Bend, WA


High Love

We're like you, we care about what goes into the products we use everyday. That's why all of our products are Vegan, Non-Toxic, & Natural